Getting Started with Your Wallet Dashboard:

  • Sign in to your farmbot account via metamask to view the main wallets dashboard.

  • This is where you'll oversee your wallet management and be able to create/import/export/edit wallets & assign proxies/groups.

Generating/importing new Wallets:

  • To create new wallets, choose "Create Accounts" or opt for "Create Bulk Account" if you need several & input a group name.

  • If you have existing wallets, select "Import" to input the details to add them to your dashboard.

  • If you wish to import a spreadsheet of wallets, you will need to follow the same format we support which can be found in the unpopulated .csv file when you click 'Export Wallets(.csv)'

Enhancing your wallet security:

  • If you wish to assign proxies to your accounts, go to "Edit" and input a proxy to each wallet.

  • We recommend a one-to-one ratio of proxies to wallets to protect against Sybil, ensuring each wallets operations are entirely independant of one another.

For any additional support or queries, hop into our telegram & a team member will help you out.

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