Unlocking the Power of Data with Farmbot Analytics

Access: Log into your Farmbot account and select the analytics tab to bring up the dashboard which showcases all of your statistics on an individual wallet basis.

Gather Wholistic Insights

  • Comprehensive Overview: View transaction info for all of your wallets such as: total transactions, number of failed/successful transactions

Individual Wallet Analytics

  • Analytics Breakdown: We show you all relevant information in terms of volume & transaction count for every type of activity we offer automation for, you can see stats for bridging, erc20 swaps, providing & removing liquidity along with staking & unstaking tokens.

Strategize with Confidence

  • Performance Benchmarks: Regular analytics review sessions give you a clear vision of where you stand and what your next strategic move should be.

  • Strategic Edge: The analytics dashboard isn't just a record-keeping tool, it gives you a competitive edge in terms of optimizing to hit specific volume & transaction count benchmarks & thresholds on specific types of transactions.

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