What is Farmbot?

FarmBot is an automation suite geared towards airdrop farmers. We enable you to automate all of the tasks you would regularly have to perform manually to farm popular airdrops like Layer0, zkSync & more to come. FarmBot gives you the ability to farm airdrops across 100+ wallets in less time than it takes you to farm on a single wallet manually.

What is Farming Task?

A farming task is simply an automatable transaction event, such as bridging between EVM blockchains, swapping an ERC-20 token, minting an NFT, providing/removing liquidity from the selected pools we’ve integrated & much more yet to come.

Who is on the team?

Our team is made up primarily of airdrop farmers & developers of private CLI based airdrop farming tools. We’ve previously kept our softwares & tools to ourselves & amongst our collective, but recently decided we’d like to make a name for ourselves by publicly launching the most advanced airdrop farming bot to currently exist.

How does staking & revenue sharing work?

To be eligible to earn ETH & $farm tokens, you are required to stake your existing $farm tokens. We take daily snapshots of users with their tokens staked, and assign both a portion of $farm token rewards to them(claimable at any time), along with an internal number of ‘points’. The ‘points’ correspond to the amount ETH claimable to a user from our revenue sharing contract at the end of a given rewards phase.

What are the revenue sharing & staking rewards for phase 1?

We’ve allocated 10% of token supply (10,000,000 $farm) to be earned through staking rewards for phase 1, which will last for 30 days following the $farm TGE. Upon completion of rewards phase 1, users who have staked their $farm tokens will also be eligible to claim their portion of the ETH generated from our 2% tax which goes directly to our revenue sharing wallet.

How do you avoid being detected by sybil?

We employ various multi-wallet randomization strategies & offer users the ability to set their own randomization parameters. As long as you follow the basic anti-sybil rules when funding your wallets, you’ll be adverse to any risk of sybil when using FarmBot.

When can i unstake my tokens?

You can stake & unstake your tokens at any time, although you’ll only earn rewards while your tokens are staked.

Is Farmbot secure?

Yes, we don't store any sensitive data on our servers. Everything is stored locally on the user's browser. All calls to the server are authorized using JWT tokens.

Do you offer support for new farmers?

Yes! Hop into our telegram where we have team members around the clock ready to help you get started on your farming journey.

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