👨‍🌾Farming Tasks

Configuring & Viewing Airdrop Tasks for LayerZero and zkSync

You're first view will be your task dashboard where you can see every task on an individual wallet basis, the status of the tasks & the logs with block explorer links & updates on how your tasks are doing.

  1. Wallet Selection: Begin by choosing your the wallets you'd like to assign to the task.

  2. Task Selection: You'll know if you are on our Layer Zero, zkSync or Base module by which name is highlighted at the top of the page, click to change between the modules.

  3. Select Blockchains: Select which blockchains you would like to run your tasks on, keep an eye out in our telegram for announcements on when new chains are added.

  4. Choose Activity: Choose between bridging, providing & removing liquidity or staking & unstaking for our Layer Zero module by checking the box next to the activity you'd like to set for the task. The same goes for zkSync, although you can also select the activities such as swapping erc20 tokens & minting an NFT, along with all the activites we provide for Layer Zero.

  5. Number of Transactions: Set the amount of transactions you'd like to like to execute with the current task. This number can be anywhere from 1-10000.

  6. Balance to Use: Determine how much of your wallet's balance to dedicate to this task. We have presets for 25%, 50%, or 75% & 100%(this leaves enough ETH to cover gas fees), we have an option to randomise the balance used too for anti-sybil purposes.

  7. Max Gas Fee: Set a max transaction fee to ensure you're not executing transactions under high gas scenarios & are being cost-efficient with your farming.

  8. Time Delay: Enter in the time delay in seconds you'd like to follow in the format 'min-max' i.e '30-300' would send your transactions at a random interval between 30 and 300 seconds.

  9. Submit: Double check the preferences you have set, and if everything looks good, hit submit & you're task will start immediately.

Progress Monitoring: The dashboard provides real-time updates and logs as the bot executes transactions on your behalf, you can find the relevant block explorer links to your transactions inside of your logs. You can also see the total progress of a task in terms of transactions on the dashboard.

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